The execrable Peter Dutton opens his mouth without engaging his brain, yet again

Jacinta Carroll is talking good sense in this article about descendants of Lebanese Muslim representation in crime and terrorism statistics.  Her article is highlights the fact that Peter Dutton is dog whistling on his performance as Immigration Minister, because of the unfavourable attention he is receiving from UNHRC and the Human Rights Commissioner here in Australia.

Rather than doing something effective as Minister he chooses to throw in lots of fear, uncertainty and doubt – FUD.  But his hot air, which is creating disgraceful attacks on all Lebanese descendants, whether Christian or Muslim,  whether they arrived 100 years ago or 30 years ago, is no substitute for effective action. 

Remember that former NSW Governor, Marie Bashir, is of Lebanese Christian descent, going back more than 100 years.  Does she deserve to be harmed by his intemperate, unacceptable attacks on a tiny part of the population who are descended from Lebanese immigrants from about 100 years ago?   I think not!

Yindi’s Spray


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