Challenging Bulldozer Baird’s headstrong approach to rushing through infrastructure projects

Sydney siders do not have to accept Bulldozer Baird‘s mad rush to grow Sydney to more than 6.6 million residents by 2036. 

Cartoon by Simon Bosch, Sydney Morning Herald 24-sep-2016

Has Bulldozer Baird ever considered supporting more growth in regional NSW, like previous NSW governments did when they stimulated growth of jobs and infrastructure at Bathurst-Orange, Wagga Wagga an Albury-Wodonga?

Where is the regional NSW equivalent of the Greater Sydney Commission?

Putting all this new transport infrastructure and high rise, high density housing is Bulldozer Baird following the dictates of

a) the Property Council of Australia
b) Urban Task Force
c) Committee for Sydney
d) developers like Meriton and Lend Lease
e) metro rail builders and operators like MTC
f) the large donors to the NSW Liberal Party who go out of their way to hide illegal donations away by routing them through the federal Liberal Party in Canberra, then back to NSW Liberal Party in Macquarie St.

Baird’s decision making is driven almost totally by economic criteria, with no consideration for environmental or social criteria. 

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Yindi’s spray


About John Young

I am the CEO of Yindi Systems, a boutique consultancy that helps clients to create marketing and communication solutions using the Internet, social media, Google's fabulous free technologies and the incredible Wordpress for web sites. Many of my projects now are based around community advocacy for better outcomes for the planning systems used by NSW Government, defending local councils from forced mergers and preserving the environment, especially in greater Sydney. Major projects include and
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