Challenging the chorus of Urban Growth NSW at Parramatta


Dear Editor

I don’t mind David Pitchford, Director of Urban Growth NSW, tooting his own horn “Laying solid foundations to make communities vibrant” but please make sure you are playing all the sheet music.

David Pitchford has conveniently just played the chorus the community in Parramatta hear over and over again “restoring the heritage core”.
Mr Pitchford seems to have forgotten many verses of the Urban Growth NSW propaganda song. Like proposing to sell the surrounding 20ha of public land equally as historic for private residential development.  Or the second verse which proposes 4,000 private residential units in towers up to 30 stories, just meters from the oldest convict female factory in Australia – ruining any chance of gaining a well deserved world heritage listing.
Well, we have a little ditty for you Mr Pitchford, and it goes like this:
Urban Growth NSW are not welcome by the community in Parramatta.
We will be standing shoulder to shoulder to uphold the green ban Jack Mundey and the CFMEU placed on this entire site, until you and the new “Landcom on steroids” hit the road.
Suzette Meade
North Parramatta Residents Action Group

2 Replies to “Challenging the chorus of Urban Growth NSW at Parramatta”

  1. There is absolutely NO UGNSW understanding of the exceptional local, state, national and international significance of this heritage area – even the “heritage core” is at risk of being sold off ( would Hyde Park Barracks or Centennial Park suffer the same fate?) there is no legacy here – just the potential destruction of a site which has layer upon layer of history from time immemorial and which is at the core of who we are as Australians. The site at North Parramatta, at the core of which is the Macquarie/Greenway Female Factory ( extant with more fabric than the World Heritage listed Cascades Factory site in Tasmania ) is intact. It is this intactness which makes it a treasure; it is this intactness with its historic sightlines across to where convicts quarried the sandstone for the buildings and walls extant 1818) and across to the Governor’s Domain – now Parramatta Park and World Heritage listed) which make it truly extraordinary and unique. I just do not get it. Appalling greed and vandalism UGNSW! There is a different songsheet!


  2. Parramatta and history buffs should be wary of anything Urban Growth (formerly Landcom) have to say. The ‘spin’ will leave them dizzy and confused. And just when you think all is assured, they will do a back-flip via an amendment. Secrecy will be the biggest stumbling block – their actions only coming to light after destruction. As the client of heritage companies, history will simply vanish or be denied… suddenly wiped clean by eager bulldozers (the evidence falsified or unrecorded). The Heritage Dept is powerless, the Heritage Council of NSW, equally powerless or part of the corruption (many have personal or pecuniary interests in heritage companies). In the case of Bungarribee (within the Landcom Bunya development near Blacktown), the earliest remains from c.1822-3, were bulldozed without record or denied. The written record is largely nonsense. And to top it off, the photographic record is incomplete… ensuring no further examination of the findings. When a wall of the oldest and largest purpose built dairy was discovered (15 x 19 m), the archaeologist did not photograph or include in the site diagram (stated in report). Despite knowing of its existence and size (from an 1832 survey and various paintings), it became an ambiguous feature, with its flagstone floor written off as a patio of sorts. A formal garden with its paths and subterranean plumbing still working… was bulldozed without record. And the actual Bungarribee homestead, it wasn’t recorded either. Whatever Urban Growth wants… is rubber stamped, including the destruction of historic sites.


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