Hands off Crown Land assets at Parramatta

Suzette Meade, Convenor of  North Parramatta Residents Action Group (NPRAG) had an excellent interview with Robbie Buck on ABC Radio 702 yesterday, 7-dec-2016 at about 06:35, as part of her campaign to save Parramatta Swimming Pool from the developers bulldozer.

To maintain balance Robbie Buck then interviewed Amanda Chadwick, who was appointed earlier this year as the Administrator of the new, enlarged City of Parramatta Council. Her tap dancing is world-class when Robbie Buck asked if, when and how Parramatta residents are going to new pool to replace the one that is about to be demolished for the new Parramatta Stadium development.

This situation at Parramatta illustrates the challenges that local residents face when their existing Council is dismissed and replaced with a politically appointed Administrator.  Amanda Chadwick is the daughter of the late Virginia Chadwick who was a former NSW Liberal Minister – part of the political clique around Bulldozer Baird.   Residents of Mosman, North Sydney, Willoughby and Hunters Hill Council could see the same sort things happening in their suburb if Bulldozer Baird is able to force the mergers of their local councils.

John Young


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