Overcoming Challenges to Community Advocacy

Suzette Meade, President of North Parramatta Residents Action Group – NPRAG, and Member of Parramatta Council Heritage Advisory Committee, recently took time to visit the Royal Australian Historical Society at History House, Macquarie St, Sydney to record a presentation which she delivered at the 2016 RAHS Conference in October. 
In ‘Overcoming Challenges in Community Advocacy’ Suzette discusses how NPRAG has, in 18 months, developed strong community coalitions, as well as continuing to create solution-seeking strategies for the future to protect and promote Parramatta’s heritage. 
Suzette was recently asked to join the Leadership Group of the Better Planning Network and is dedicated to the retention of narratives from our past remaining present in our future community DNA.
Suzette’s video presentation, which can be viewed on YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/2hBF94H  is well worth watching by anyone involved in community advocacy generally.    It is good to see the type of approaches that other community groups are making to promote their agenda for preserving what they regard as worth fighting for in their local community.
You can visit the North Parramatta Residents Action Group website  at http://nprag.org

John Young

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