The Abbott/Turnbull NBN is now a huge stuff up!

Tony Abbott has a lot to answer for insisting that Turnbull effectively neutering the NBN, by insisting that they drop fibre to the home/business for all connections, and substitute in Telstra’s old, failing, expensive copper wire for the last link. Increasing the use of Optus’ hybrid cable network was almost as stupid an engineering solution.

Now the chooks are coming home to roost – they have first hand evidence that the Telstra copper is a failure for a modern broadband service, costs have gone up higher than the original Labor solution that was virtually all fibre to the home/business, except in very remote areas.

Customers are hugely p#ssed off with the down graded service they are receiving via copper or Optus co-axial. The Govt keeps on hiding the slippage in delivery dates and the vast over-budget red link in financial reports.

NBN is an efffing mess, thanks to Tony Abbott, and the compliance of Malcolm Turnbull, no doubt about it! Just ask a former Director of NBN with experience as one of Australia’s real pioneers of the Internet in Australia. NBN, c/- the current LNP govt, is a technical disgrace and a financial stuff up of mega proportions!


John Young


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