This is why Australians are p#ssed off with Liberal Governments!

“Years of neoliberal cuts to services, to wages and conditions; years of corporatisation, deregulation and privatisation and the voracious love of competition and profit above all else have cheated us and divided us. There is nothing any leader of the party of the IPA, the mining lobby’s puppet, the hand maiden of big business and banking can ever say or do which will assuage the people’s anger.”
David Tyler, AIM Network, 16-jan-2017

Cartoon by Simon Bosch, Sydney Morning Herald 24-sep-2016
Cartoon by Simon Bosch, Sydney Morning Herald 24-sep-2016

In NSW Bulldozer Baird has taken extreme privatisation, corporatisation, deregulation to a whole new level of achievement, as the hand maiden of Property Council of Australia, Urban Task Force and Committee for Sydney.

NSW voters want to call time on his autocratic, anti-democratic play with the planning of Greater Sydney before he does permanent damage and turns us into the Los Angeles of the 21st century.  We have had enough of forced amalgamation of councils, driving growth of Sydney at an unparalleled speed and selling off gold standard government assets like the Land & Property Information (LPI) service to his mates “in the top end of town”.

Sadly the swing of 35% in the Orange by-election back in November 2016 has not had a steadying effect on Bulldozer Baird.   Someone suggested to me that Baird needs to suffer another big electoral swing against him, before he will become less autocratic. Maybe the loss of plum Liberal seat is needed, like Health Minister Jillian Gillard’s North Sydney if she decides to resign and trigger a by-election for her seat.

This is not a far fetched scenario because there are now 4 or 5 Liberals jockeying to win the pre-selection contest, should one suddenly be called.  Trent Zimmerman, Liberal Federal Member for North Sydney seems to be backing current Willoughby Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney (GGG), who is reportedly moving into the North Sydney electorate.  GGG seems to have the endorsement of NSW Liberal power broker Michael Photios.  The word is that Kingmaker Photios is attracted more to GGG’s husband John Gidney, who is well connected into the “financial top end of Sydney Town”, than GGG’s own talents as a local Councillor, current mayor of Willoughby and would be NSW MP for North Sydney.

You know what they say when investigating a possible dodgy situation?  “Follow the money!”   That advice seems just as relevant when looking into the LNP end of the political spectrum as it did during Eddie Obeid’s rein as Labor’s NSW kingmaker.


John Young


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