Dark Money in UK, USA and NSW


So who controls the dark money in Australia, and especially in NSW, you might ask?

There was certainly a version of this in NSW “behind the scenes” manipulation of Bulldozer Baird  when you look at his slavish devotion to the interests of the 

    • Property Council of Australia,
    • Urban Task Force,
    • Committee for Sydney,
    • Sydney Motorway Corporation, builders of WestConnex 
    • MTR Corp from Hong Kong, who are building the Sydney METROLINK Northwest

Maybe not so global as what George Monbiot reveals in his Guardian article.  But just as invidious in the way it bypasses the interests of NSW voters and influences the big picture decision making in Martin Place and Macquarie St.

This article reinforces the urgent need for national reform of election funding in Australia

  • Donations to the electoral funding to all political parties need to be publicised immediately, whether it is from trade unions, large corporations, very wealthy individuals or entrepreneurs who are being used as bag men for people or organisations who go out of their way to keep the source of their donations deep in the shadows. 
  • The same system for exposing sources of electoral funds needs to apply nationally, in order to stop the bypassing of the stricter controls in NSW via the federal HQ of political parties
  • This national systems need to be reinforced by a Federal ICAC mechanism.

John Young


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