Baird’s lack of governance on local councils in past 3 years


Bulldozer Baird was too busy trying to demolish local councils to do the work that necessary under good governance associated with local council elections. 

He just wanted rid himself of annoying local councils so his developer and “top end of town” mates in Property Council of NSW, Urban Task Force and Committee for Sydney had minimum resistance to their plans for value capture through high density residential developments, especially along the routes of his nominated METRORAIL routes. 

Community group chatter tells me the next set of NSW Govt scandals will bring news about property developers and builders tying up vast amounts of land along the proposed Sydenham – Bankstown METRORAIL conversion.   Baird did his bit for his mates by amalgamating councils along the route so they would be too distracted by the challenges of merging large councils to worry about the manipulation of planning controls along this METRORAIL route for the benefit of the developers, who just happen to be eager donors to political parties who make their value-capturing projects so much easier to implement and complete!

Transport specialists have been telling successive NSW Liberal governments for years that adding modern signalling to the existing  heavy rail route which is operated with double decker train sets would cost much less than

  • the vast expense of straightening out the existing heavy rail line
  • rebuilding all the stations with curved platforms, so they could be used by driverless single-decker METRORAIL rolling stock.   
  • No one in Bulldozer Baird‘s government seemed to care that there would be no train service between Sydenham and Bankstown for at least 12 months, or
  • that the roads are already choked with traffic so that the replacement bus services would be stuck in traffic jams!
  • But never mind the top end of town mates at MTR Corp who are building and operating the over budget and overdue METRORAIL Northwest from Rouse Hill – Epping – Chatswood, Property Council of Australia, Urban Task Force and Committee for Sydney as still hoping that value capture along this route wont be too late for them to make dramatic profits out of this project.

Bulldozer Baird tried to justify forced merger of councils on the grounds that they would be cheaper, more efficient and it is what the residents wanted.  But why would he never release the KPMG report of council mergers?   Angry residents still fighting to save their councils at Mosman, Willoughby, North Sydney, Hunters Hill, Ryde and Lane Cove should be asking Team GB to release that same KPMG report now, if she is genuine about fixing the mess Baird created with the unjustified forced mergers of councils that were operating very successfully and satisfying the needs of their residents.

Most residents at not opposed to significant investment in public transport infrastructure. But maximising the value capture for the private sector should not be the paramount criteria about these projects, at the expense of social, cultural, history and heritage considerations.  Team GB would be strongly advised not to pursue the same strategies and tactics as the failed premiership of  Bulldozer Baird.  Otherwise Gladys will find a lot of angry, revolting, former Liberal supporters manning the entrance gates at the polling sites of northern Sydney and Manly handing out slips to advise residents how to put the Liberal candidates last, meaning that an Independent or Green candidate has a good chance of taking both seats!

John Young


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