Powerhouse Museum shift to Parramatta will do more harm than good!

Save the Power House Museum

I am recycling a couple of great letters from SMH, 12-mar-2016.  The community of the whole of NSW needs to be aware of what a disaster it will be if the Powerhouse Museum at Harris St, Ultimo, is closed down, in favour of more Chinese bank funded, high rise, high density apartments, so that the investors can value-capture.

The Power House Musuem can barely display 10% of their collection, I am told.  Most of their collection is still inaccessible, locked up in storage at Kingswood in far western Sydney, just this side of the Blue Mountains!  There is more than enough history materials for a 2nd Museum of Applied Arts and Science at Parramatta, or even west of there!

Demolishing a great bunch of fully restored historic buildings at Harris St, Ultimo is financially stupid, environmentally negligent and socially a major scandal.

But I suppose if it keeps donations flowing into the election coffers of the NSW Liberal Party….

Powerhouse Museum shift to Parramatta will do more harm than good!

How is it that the mayor of Dubbo, Mathew Dickerson, can see what the Premier, Mike Baird, can’t or will not? (“Arts and culture will suffer in mergers, says mayor of Dubbo”, March 11). The Powerhouse Museum is perfectly sited; undue favours to Parramatta do more harm than good.
In any other civilised city in the world there are museums galore with passes, free days, transport and cultural links as part of the inner city. One example: despite opposition from developers similar to those so beloved by the Coalition in NSW, Paris chose to create the marvellous Musee d’Orsay from an unused railway station; it did not head for the outer suburbs and allow a grand hotel or luxury flats to rise in its place on the Seine.
We have the Powerhouse, easily accessible on foot in Central Sydney. Let the developers go to Parramatta.
Nola Tucker, Kiama

Please don’t move the Powerhouse to Parramatta. We don’t want it!

Over the last 20 years I haven’t visited it once. Yet I have made multiple visits to the other major museums and galleries in central Sydney.
Its science section is small and not updated regularly. From memory, the technology section has hosted “illuminating” exhibitions such as Kylie’s hot pants and a chair designed in the 1960s. As well as a bunch of trains sitting around gathering dust.
Instead, please build a state-of-the art interactive science museum that would be a real attraction for young and old. Or build a beautiful art gallery. Or do both.
Natalie Hanna, Parramatta

John Young


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