Why move the Power House Museum from Ultimo?


This is another mess created by Bulldozer Baird!   Is Team Berejiklian going to push on with this nonsense left behind by her predecessor,  like she is doing with council mergers?

The following letter in the SMH today, 23-feb-2016, sums up the situation perfectly for me.

(“Powerhouse move ‘could cost $2 billion’ “, February 22). The only people who want it is the government, and it will cost NSW taxpayers 10 times any money we will get back. So the answer must be to enrich developers at the public’s expense. Seems to be the only guiding principle of this government.

Tony Walbran Dee Why

John Young BSc(Arch) BArch(Hons) ARB(UK)
Internet Architect
Yindi Systems
PO Box 536  |  Spit Junction NSW 2088

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