Der Schulinspektor

Fig. 1 L toR, Alex Ostermayer, Graham Rowe, Gary Cambourn (deceased), Dr Con Costa.

Alex Ostermayer starred as the Teacher.  David Hay, who played the title role, thought it was more important to be on holiday overseas somewhere than turn up for one of our Class of 1969 Reunions a few years ago!

Fig. 2 The Inspector arrives, while the Teacher (Alex Ostermayer) is trying to control the class! Note the boy near centre of the photo staring straight at the camera, and not at the Teacher!

The rowdy crowd scene when the School Inspector arrives to find the class in chaos was extremely noisy on the audio recording,  just as it was on the stage of the School Hall during the premier day time performance on this remarkable play.

Fig. 3 The author of this piece, John Young, was very busy posing for the camera during the rowdy scene!


John Young


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