Why do we need an energy “market” at all?

Chris Danckwerts asks this very relevant question in his Letter to the SMH Editor today 16-mar-2017.

“In all the discussions over energy policies at state and federal levels the question that needs to be asked is: why do we need an energy “market” at all (“Energy plan overturns decade of power plays”, March 15)? South Australia’s latest blackouts were caused in large part because profits rather than community need was the main consideration in managing power supply. These profits are a big part of the rising cost of electricity nationwide but are probably outweighed by losses to businesses caused by deliberate power shutdowns (“load shedding”).

All this comes about because of governments’ ideological obsession with privatising monopolies without consideration of the price gouging and deteriorating service levels that inevitably follow.

Just look at Sydney Airport, child care centres, VET colleges, job centres and many others as evidence of this. Jay Weatherill has to be applauded for taking the first steps toward restoring his government’s control over such a vital asset. The federal government should follow his lead but we will probably have to wait for a Labor government for this to happen as the present lot don’t seem to have a clue.”

Chris Danckwerts, Turramurra

John Young


About John Young

I am the CEO of Yindi Systems, a boutique consultancy that helps clients to create marketing and communication solutions using the Internet, social media, Google's fabulous free technologies and the incredible Wordpress for web sites. Many of my projects now are based around community advocacy for better outcomes for the planning systems used by NSW Government, defending local councils from forced mergers and preserving the environment, especially in greater Sydney. Major projects include www.keepingplace.net.au and www.cubbacubba.net.au
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