So Peter Dutton thinks concerned business leaders are mere puppets in the hands of dastardly lobby groups (“Turnbull government ‘won’t be bullied’ by CEOs on same-sex marriage, says Peter Dutton”,, March 19). Heaven forbid that anyone other than a politician should have an opinion, much less be allowed to air it. They should just “stick to their knitting”.

Is it any wonder we want shot of politicians of his ilk. Their sense of righteousness and infallibility infallibly is galling. At a time when we have a budget in crisis, energy woes, real concerns about climate and the environment, when housing affordability is are at an all-time low, and international politics is a scary place to watch, at a time when we need our democracy to be strong and our institutions of freedom robust, we get this patronising clown trying to slap down business leaders for making a stand.

The man’s a disgrace.

Andrew Dostine, Alstonvale

As Peter Dutton has declared that publicly listed companies shouldn’t take political stances, can we assume that the Liberal Party will no longer accept their donations?

Scott Rhodes, Frenchs Forest

What part of the immigration portfolio does anti-same sex marriage come under?

Brian Collins, Cronulla

John Young


About John Young

I am the CEO of Yindi Systems, a boutique consultancy that helps clients to create marketing and communication solutions using the Internet, social media, Google's fabulous free technologies and the incredible Wordpress for web sites. Many of my projects now are based around community advocacy for better outcomes for the planning systems used by NSW Government, defending local councils from forced mergers and preserving the environment, especially in greater Sydney. Major projects include and
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