Is Felicity Wilson a spear carrier for Michael Photios?

It is apparent from media reports and corridor gossip in Macquarie Street that Felicity Wilson‘s pre-selection as the North Shore seat in the by-election on 8-apr-2017 had strong support from former NSW Liberal Minister, power broker and lobbyist Michael Photios, Chairman of Premier State.
If elected on Saturday local residents must be wondering if Ms Wilson will be simply be a spear carrier for Michael Photios, who even Tony Abbott found had an objectionable influence over the machinations of the Liberal Party in NSW?

John Young


About John Young

I am the CEO of Yindi Systems, a boutique consultancy that helps clients to create marketing and communication solutions using the Internet, social media, Google's fabulous free technologies and the incredible Wordpress for web sites. Many of my projects now are based around community advocacy for better outcomes for the planning systems used by NSW Government, defending local councils from forced mergers and preserving the environment, especially in greater Sydney. Major projects include and
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