Scott Morrison’s ministerial career is being fast reduced to a #hashtag

Scott Morrison is now serious baggage for the Turnbull Govt. It reflects badly on Turnbull that he his keeping him on in Cabinet and risking a poor Budget outcome with him in May 2017.  Professional politicians cannot assume that they can get away with dissembling and constantly avoiding answering direct questions.
Avoidance tactics worked fine when Abbott was in power as it was actively encouraged by Tony’s own behaviour when being interviewed. But you know the gig is up, it would appear, when even 2GB’s Ray Hadley has pulled the plug on the ScoMo’s standard evasive performance and Scott Morrison’s career and tactics are reduced to a hashtag!   The Australian voters are also very fed up with being lied to by fast talking politicians, as indicated by Malcolm’s performance in the latest leadership polls.

John Young


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