Why should businesses tenants along the light rail route have to suffer huge losses?

Where is the truth in the quality and quantity of support and compensation that the NSW Govt and the main contractor for Sydney Light Rail is offering small businesses along the route?
Bulldozer Baird was forced to apologise for the way property owners were treated along the route of the WestConneX, especially in Haberfield.  Is Madame Gladys going to be doing the same mea culpa in a few months time as it becomes evident are forced to close or suffer bankruptcy? 
Are property owners who have now been displaced in St Peters being treated any better than the poor buggers were in Haberfield?
I think the NSW Govt should publish details of the support being offered to these small businesses in Surry Hills along the route of Sydney Light Rail.  The property owners may be looked after, but it sounds like bugger all is being done for the tenants of shops, cafes and restaurants, who are still having to pay large rents!
All that seems to have been done so far is a series of media release spins, and a lot of platitudes from the Ministers and Premier. What is the substance of what is being done for these business owners?

John Young


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