What utter bullsh*t the Abbott is spinning these days!

Fig. 1 Tony Abbott poses for a selfie at the Liberal Party Democratic Reform event in Sydney. AAP: Brendan Esposito
What utter bullsh*t and spin the mad Abbott is talking about! The Menzies Liberal Party was a true broad church, egalitarian and tolerant. It was never the Abbott vision of intolerance, myopic, misogynist, and elitist. This is one very angry rejected PM who is out to wreck the work of a Turnbull led Government!
Australians are voting with their feet because the Liberal Party has moved too far to the Right. Look at the rise of Independents and minor parties, not to mention the swing to labor in the opinion polls for hard evidence of Australians’ rejection of the vision that Abbott, Bernardi, Abbetz, Scott Morrison, Kevin Andrews and George Christiansen hold so dogmatically!

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