Poor decision making on public transport in Sydney

This story of the ongoing terrible decision making about transport infrastructure needs to be spread far and wide, east to west, north to south, from the battlers to the affluent!
Baird and Berejiklian’s objectives and strategies with motorways, supporting the F6 expansion rather than investing in the Sydney – Illiwarra line are all steps that will make Sydney the 21st century Los Angeles in another 10 years – motorways will be slow moving car parks, the railways will be jamb packed, it will all be very expensive and the only happy campers will be shareholders and the directors of Transurban, MTR, the tunnellers, the bankers, the developers and the large construction companies
Watch the rush between now and March 2019 by Madame Gladys making huge financial and legal commitments to Beaches Link, more metro rail, fewer trees, not enough schools in the areas now being committed to huge population increases.

John Young


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