As we get to the end of 2016 you can see that the Baird government has been flooding the community of NSW with so much socially and environmentally destructive legislation that it has been overwhelming even the traditional tv, radio and print media channels.

What Mike Baird is doing to Greater Sydney with his orgy of extreme privatisation and pandering to the policies of the Property Council of Australia, Urban Task Force and Committee for Sydney will take a long time to put right.   I will leave it to other commentators to highlight the effect of his land clearing policies and his government’s tolerance of the abuse of Crown land on the environment in regional and rural NSW.

Yindi’s Spray has been set up as a single archive site for postings across a number of different social media channels related to planning issues in NSW, especially the abuse of Crown Land, and to challenge the mad growth frenzy that is the platform for the unchallenged amount of change that the current NSW government is forcing down our throats.

Mike Baird may well step aside in the very near future and go back to the private sector.

But the chances of the next Liberal Premier of NSW doing anything but implement the policies that already have Baird’s bulldozers

  • destroying housing in Haberfield,
  • forcing the amalgamation of local councils,
  • weakening the safety barriers offered by current Local Environment Plans (LEP) and Development Control Plans (DCP) against Unsolicited Proposals from the “top end of town”,
  • replacing the Powerhouse Museum at Harris Street Ultimo with high rise high density Hong Kong style apartments,
  • reducing the tree canopy of Sydney significantly,
  • clear felling vast areas of bush for unsustainable farming in areas that are already short of water.


John Young
Yindi’s Spray