Get ScoMo away from wrecking the Australian economy quickly!

Scott Morrison and Turnbull have permanently trashed the LNP’s claim as being better managers of the economy.  The economists, retail sector and captains of industry are all starting to acknowledge it. The voters will become more aware a they read commentaries and opinion pieces like this own by Tom Switzer.
The country needs a circuit breaker to get ScoMo and Turnbull‘s hands off the economic levers, the sooner the better!

John Young


Scott Morrison’s Monty Python moment

Is Malcolm Turnbull really going to let this muppet design the Budget going forward for Australia. As an economist he would make a good used car salesman, with just as much credibility. It will reflect badly on Malcolm Turnbull if he lets ScoMo have anything to do with the Budget in May 2017!

John Young