The sad story of Sydney GPO

Please share E M Farrelly’s passionate article about the sale of the Sydney GPO with you friends, neighbours, colleagues network of Facebook friends.
Tis probably too late to stop the sale, but we need to get a strong message to the new owner that a lot of Sydney people are passionate about our GPO and we wont put up with them desecrating what it means to millions of Australians.
  • After all it is the very heart of NSW!
  • All distances are measured from the Sydney GPO
  • It overlooks the Cenotaph in Martin Place
  • Architecturally it is a magnificent piece of sandstone
  • Buildings like the Sydney GPO are important to the burgeoning tourism and hospitality industry.
  • We need to treat our built heritage with far more respect.

John Young


‘Follow the dollar’ laws better than an expensive fiasco

 “Could it be that the NSW government would rather ignore financial fraud, rather than having to admit that out-sourcing of public services and privatisation has been an expensive fiasco (“Follow the money” reforms rejected”, July 24).

One would have thought that recent cases such as Eman Sharobeem and the Glen Ella charity were more than enough to prompt reform, or a rethink.”


Paul Doyle Glenbrook
SMH, Letters to the Editor 25-jul-2017

John Young

Poor decision making on public transport in Sydney

This story of the ongoing terrible decision making about transport infrastructure needs to be spread far and wide, east to west, north to south, from the battlers to the affluent!
Baird and Berejiklian’s objectives and strategies with motorways, supporting the F6 expansion rather than investing in the Sydney – Illiwarra line are all steps that will make Sydney the 21st century Los Angeles in another 10 years – motorways will be slow moving car parks, the railways will be jamb packed, it will all be very expensive and the only happy campers will be shareholders and the directors of Transurban, MTR, the tunnellers, the bankers, the developers and the large construction companies
Watch the rush between now and March 2019 by Madame Gladys making huge financial and legal commitments to Beaches Link, more metro rail, fewer trees, not enough schools in the areas now being committed to huge population increases.

John Young

What utter bullsh*t the Abbott is spinning these days!

Fig. 1 Tony Abbott poses for a selfie at the Liberal Party Democratic Reform event in Sydney. AAP: Brendan Esposito
What utter bullsh*t and spin the mad Abbott is talking about! The Menzies Liberal Party was a true broad church, egalitarian and tolerant. It was never the Abbott vision of intolerance, myopic, misogynist, and elitist. This is one very angry rejected PM who is out to wreck the work of a Turnbull led Government!
Australians are voting with their feet because the Liberal Party has moved too far to the Right. Look at the rise of Independents and minor parties, not to mention the swing to labor in the opinion polls for hard evidence of Australians’ rejection of the vision that Abbott, Bernardi, Abbetz, Scott Morrison, Kevin Andrews and George Christiansen hold so dogmatically!

Time for historian Keith Windshuttle to retire

KEITH WINDSHUTTLE has managed to turn the spot light on his own “sick and unhinged” behaviour, and destroyed any credibility he may have retained after his past deranged statements about Australian history.
Time for Keith Windshuttle to quietly withdraw from public debate and take up gardening or fishing. His biased, unfounded, hateful commentary and bigotry is not needed in Australia in the 21st century.  

John Young


Is Simon Menzies a suitable candidate for Mayor of Mosman?

Street talk is that Councillor Simon Menzies is thinking of standing for Mayor of Mosman at the September 2017 elections. I find this surprising since he was very vocal in supporting the merger of Mosman Council with Willoughby and North Sydney.

I also find it surprising in the light of this newspaper article about his past performance that resulted in public attention being drawn to his actions. Is this the sort of man who can be trusted with a significant role of Mayor of Mosman?

What do you think?

John Young
0407 940 943

Bank tax sets ‘wonderful precedent’

Contrary to Lindsay Maxsted, Chairman of Westpac, it is a wonderful precedent to make the big 5 banks pay extra taxes after ripping off the customers so throughly to achieve record profits!

I have a solution to the banks’ problem with the new tax on the top 5 banks. Let them pay it out of the highly inflated salaries and fees of the Chair, Directors, CEOs and senior management teams. Then they wont have to pass it onto their shareholders and customers!

And just look at the connections Lindsay Maxsted, Chairman of Westpac.  Talk about nose in the trough!


John Young

Joe Hockey’s role in the downfall of Tony Abbott

I enjoyed reading this commentary on the 2017 Budget, especially the reference to the disastrous 2017 Budget. It highlights the role of Joe Hockey in the failure of Tony Abbott as a Prime Minister, after his success as a formidable Leader of the Opposition
“But the other thing this budget needed to do was draw a line under the catastrophic political disaster that was the 2014 budget of Joe Hockey”

John Young