The Female Larrikin

I have to admit I never understood what Germaine was going on about when she was being interviewed regularly on This Day Tonight (TDT) on ABC TV in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
But she was always thought provoking and her larrikinism made you feel proud that an Aussie could make the world sit up and listen to what she was saying in her writing, including “The Female Eunuch”.

John Young
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The NSW Govt is still fixated on motorway mega projects, where there is no control on the cost!




This sounds like a good plan! But wait it gives far less value capture opportunity for Liberal mates in the Property Council of Australia, Urban Task Force, Committee for Sydney, CIMIC and MTR Corp from Hong Kong. So it will go nowhere, I am sure.

Tunnel visionary

After boasting for years that the WestConnex motorway would relieve traffic congestion, conveniently omitting the word “temporarily”, the government has now reportedly succumbed to the fact that a western harbour tunnel is required “because traffic from the motorway would otherwise overwhelm the Anzac Bridge” (“WestConnex bill to soar past $45 billion”, April 15-16).

A two-track Metro between the Bays Precinct and Seaforth via the Wynyard “tram” platforms could be built for half the tunnelling costs of a four-lane motorway. Killing numerous birds with one stone, it would form stage one of the planned “Western” Metro between Badgerys / Parramatta and Brookvale / Warriewood / Frenchs Forest.

Kevin Eadie
SMH LETTERS  17-apr-2017

John Young

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Will the veil of secrecy around WestConneX really be penetrated?

Finally it looks like some of the veil of secrecy around the politics, influence peddling, cost blow-outs, project creep, governance and risk management design may get lifted.
The arrogance of Baird in structuring SMC as a private venture in order to screen it from public inquiry still amazes me. But I am sure they the Berejiklian Govt will continue manipulating the story so that very little of the critical facts emerge in a way that causes them embarrassment.
I hope the media listens very closely on behalf of the public and roots around in the murky shadows of this enormous project to get at the truth.

John Young

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Why should businesses tenants along the light rail route have to suffer huge losses?

Where is the truth in the quality and quantity of support and compensation that the NSW Govt and the main contractor for Sydney Light Rail is offering small businesses along the route?
Bulldozer Baird was forced to apologise for the way property owners were treated along the route of the WestConneX, especially in Haberfield.  Is Madame Gladys going to be doing the same mea culpa in a few months time as it becomes evident are forced to close or suffer bankruptcy? 
Are property owners who have now been displaced in St Peters being treated any better than the poor buggers were in Haberfield?
I think the NSW Govt should publish details of the support being offered to these small businesses in Surry Hills along the route of Sydney Light Rail.  The property owners may be looked after, but it sounds like bugger all is being done for the tenants of shops, cafes and restaurants, who are still having to pay large rents!
All that seems to have been done so far is a series of media release spins, and a lot of platitudes from the Ministers and Premier. What is the substance of what is being done for these business owners?

John Young

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Privatization of the LPI is a serious waste of money!

Letter from Harold Levien, SMH Friday 14-apr-2017
The sale of the Land and Property Information (LPI) registry is so against the interests of the citizens of NSW that this state government deserves to be dismissed (“Berejiklian hails $2.6b land titles windfall”, April 13).
Leaving aside both the idiocy of using $1 billion of the sale to upgrade three stadiums, when public schools and public hospitals are crying out for funds, upgrades and huge backlogs in repairs, and the loss of such an important institution to government control, the state will actually lose funding from the sale.
It would cost the government no more than around $78 million annually to borrow these funds. But since the registry currently generates $130 million profit a year, this would still leave the government around  annually in the black while retaining control of this important office.

Harold Levien, Dover Heights


John Young

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“”Politics today is a clash of interests, not ideas.”

Personally I think the 2 party adversarial political system has a lot to answer for in bringing about this woeful situation. How long ago did Don Chipp see the need for a third political force “to keep the bastards honest”.
Sadly Don’s solution with a major, centrist party did not work. But I am grateful that we have a growing number of sensible, grounded minor parties and true Independents in the Senate who are able to save us from the more extreme ideas of both the Left and the Right.

John Young

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Who will Turnbull pick as the next Treasurer?

This article is well argued and highlights the fact that the inflexible Scott Morrison seems to be running at full speed into a brick wall, with his complete dismissal of any consideration of adjusting negative gearing and CGT rates on investment housing.
I just wonder who Turnbull picks to be the next Treasurer after ScoMo fails with the 2017 Budget!

John Young

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Scott Morrison’s ministerial career is being fast reduced to a #hashtag

Scott Morrison is now serious baggage for the Turnbull Govt. It reflects badly on Turnbull that he his keeping him on in Cabinet and risking a poor Budget outcome with him in May 2017.  Professional politicians cannot assume that they can get away with dissembling and constantly avoiding answering direct questions.
Avoidance tactics worked fine when Abbott was in power as it was actively encouraged by Tony’s own behaviour when being interviewed. But you know the gig is up, it would appear, when even 2GB’s Ray Hadley has pulled the plug on the ScoMo’s standard evasive performance and Scott Morrison’s career and tactics are reduced to a hashtag!   The Australian voters are also very fed up with being lied to by fast talking politicians, as indicated by Malcolm’s performance in the latest leadership polls.

John Young

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Economics alone does not generate successful liveable cities.

As an architect, but also as someone who values the heritage of Sydney, and the importance of heterogeneous communities to keeping the Sydney CBD a rich, vibrant and living city,
I am very distressed at the actions of a NSW govt that makes important decisions on our urban fabric solely on economic grounds, with apparently no consideration of culture, heritage and history. Economics alone does not generate successful liveable cities.

John Young

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Why is madame Gladys privatisingthe LPI?

If you haven’t done so already make sure you read Elizabeth Farrelly’s SMH article about the NSW Govt’s proposal to privatise the Land & Property Information service. It is blind stupidity for a government led by a former banker. Unless of course she is more interested in meeting the priorities of funders of the Liberal Party compared with the residents and voters of NSW.
Privatising this cash cow will only benefit the off-shore business likely to win the tender process. There is NO positive outcomes for property owners in NSW!   
The voters at the Manly, North Shore and Gosford by-elections today Saturday 8-apr-2017 have their chance to voice their disapproval of the privatization of our invaluable Land Titles system.

John Young

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